Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exam time creativity

Exams are on, and school is closing early... More time on our hands means more boredom........and even though Samhith has exams this time, I can't really make him study too hard... he knows what he has learnt through the year, and last minute cramming isn't going to make a difference. Even his teacher is very clear - all he needs to do is improve his handwriting, she says...... after all, it is she who has to go through his answers!!!! Of course, exam time isn't the best time to practice ones handwriting, so he is practically free the whole day, and gets on my nerves. His eyes have been itching for a couple of days now, so he is banned from the TV. All that leaves him are his books and his blocks...... He did manage to read a couple of books, but I despair of him ever becoming a bookworm like me.... The only thing that has managed to keep him in one place are his blocks, and he has come out with some wonderful creations. Here are some of them....

This one started out as a temple, and then he decided to show the interiors.... and this was the result...

This one is also a temple.... his fascination with temples is understandable, especially since we visit temples most of the time, also since he loves stories related to them....

Did you see the cricket set leaning against the temple wall? Those are part of an eraser set which came with the Moov Ointment..... these are part of the Rajasthan Royals memorabilia...... These IPL chaps are crazy, but smart... they are targeting kids really early!

No guesses for this one..... temple again....

And this one, his masterpiece - is a house..... his next favourite topic..... considering that he wants more space for himself, you can just get an idea of the size of the house he dreams of!


  1. Way to go Samhith! very well done.. you are so creative.. go on, surprise ur amma more with all ur creative pursuits..

    Anu: nice job of giving a seperate place for Smahith on the www!

  2. Anu, very nice blog for Samhith! And very nice photos of his creations. I should start taking photos of Aakanksha's artwork/blocks etc!

  3. Awesome

    I cld go on down the alphabetical line...but i will spare yu the boredom...i am sure yu get the gist...
    Yu cld ask samhith to make his own Word Dictionary of Superlatives..and post it for see what he comes up with...

    He is one dude with great spatial skills...way to go!

  4. @AJCL: thanks, from both of us... Samhith is thrilled..... and so am I.... hope he makes more of these, and starts writing too... at least for all the compliments :)

    @Urmila: Great to see you here.... yes, you should..... we would love to see them.....

    @ssstoryteller: thanks so much! I am certainly going to ask him to do that.....

  5. Hey Samhith!

    Good to see your work on a blog! I'm looking forward to more such creations. Have fun!

  6. Congrats Samhith for a space of your own on WWW.

    Lovely creations. Waiting to see a post all by yourself soon.

  7. I don't know where my original comment has disappeared.
    Again it goes.
    Congratulations for having your own blog.
    I liked your yellow temple.
    why not do some jig saw puzzles which would be creative and interesting too. waiting to see more creative work from you.

  8. @Usha: he is thrilled, but remembered Sriram the minute he read your name... he banged on the door this morning because the door was open... kept banging till Sudhir answered!!!!

    @Jayasree: thanks a lot..... he has been encouraged by the response.....

    @Chitra: sorry, no idea what happened the first time..... thanks for the comment...he is absolutely thrilled.... there was a phase when he used to make a lot of puzzles, but now, it seems to have passed by....

  9. My darling samhith,
    its only for u that i am writing a comment!!!!! Very well done, the house is very very beautiful and i ahve forwarded it to as many people as i can.
    Keep it going and i am also very happy to know that u r not making him a bookworm. ;)kanthi

  10. Anu it is great initiative to start Samhith's blog.
    Samhith congratulation for having your own blog, you are very creative. I liked your all blocks they are very amazing. Keep up the great work and all the best for your exams