Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kala Ghoda Festival 2013

Last weekend, I went to the   Kala   Ghoda fest. I had lots of fun. 

There were many different installations. In one installation, there were many pictures of actors stuck on cardboard. Some actors I recognised were Rajnikant, Hritik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Rekha, and Amitabh Bachchan. Though my favourite actor is Hritik Roshan, my favourite picture was of Rajnikant. He had a cool hairstyle, with his hands in his pockets and a huge smile on his face.

I met three of my mother’s friends – Rushikesh uncle, Sudha aunty and Biswajit uncle. We bought many different kinds of things. To name some, we bought a flute in the shape of a sparrow, a hair band with stuffed antlers, and also some postcards.

At a stall run by the Snow Leopard Conservation centre, we bought a keychain and some postcards. In one of the postcards, I recognized the picture of a bird, (it was a variety of a Magpie Robin), and the aunty at the stall was so happy that she gave me the postcard for free! There was also an artist at the venue, who sketched my portrait. That day, I had gone to the dentist to extract a tooth, and so, I could have ice creams! In all, I had 5 scoops of ice cream that day!!! After I came home, I calculated how much money we had spent. It was a total of almost 2000 rupees!

We saw some students making tetrahedrons with paper for an installation. 

They showed me how to make fold the paper and make the tetrahedrons, and even gave one to me! Here are 2 videos my mother recorded...

I also saw a handicapped person painting with his foot. His muscles were twisted and had not grown properly. Yet, it was amazing to see how beautifully he painted. When any of us draw a tree, we will draw two straight lines and leaves. Because he was painting with his foot, the lines went crooked and it gave the real shapes and textures of a tree.

On Sunday, I attended two workshops. They were held in the Museum gardens. The first workshop was the Tinkle Toon Factory. The workshop was conducted by some members of the Tinkle Digest team – editors, artists, and writers. They taught us how to make comics.

Though the workshop was full, one of the writers, Sean D’Mello, allowed me to participate in the workshop. After the workshop, they gave us free Tinkle Digests. I liked the workshop a lot.

The other workshop was conducted by Arzan Khambata, a sculptor. He started his career by making sculptures with scrap materials. He called them ‘Scraptures’. At the workshop, he taught us how to convert 2D into 3D. He gave us a paper and showed us how to make 3D mobiles by cutting, twisting, curving, folding, and stapling.

This workshop was full too, but once again, he arranged for paper for everyone and made sure everyone got to participate in the workshop. I had lots of fun in this workshop too.Here is the one I made....

Kala Ghoda was a totally adventurous experience. You shouldn't miss it!!!!!!

P.S. This post was written completely by Samhith. I have only helped a bit with the punctuation and with the phrasing of a few sentences. Of course, he still can not type fast, so typing and posting has been my job, while he dictated it to me. This post happens to be an important one for us, since this is the first time he has actually written almost 500 words on any single topic. That gives you an idea of how much he enjoyed the festival!