Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creativity with stirrers and straws!

Its been a long while since I have posted anything here and the main reason is that we have been too busy with school, as well as gymnastics and athletics, not to mention skating as well as badminton!!! With so many activities, as well as a 4 day camp to look forward to, Samhith has not been much in the mood for anything else.

Yesterday, however, as I met a blogger friend for coffee, he busied himself with straws and stirrers, and I left him alone to do as he pleased, happy that he left me alone to talk!! He later said he wanted to make a man, but didn't know how to make his arms. That was how things stood when we reached home, and I thought he had forgotten all about it. And then, suddenly, after dinner, he comes up to me and shows me the stick-man he has made - having figured out all by himself how to make the arms for the figure!!

It might be a simple thing to make, but do I need to mention how proud I am that he thought of it himself and  actually made it the way he wanted, without any help at all!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our first Travel Scrap Book!

I have been pestering Samhith to write about our travels, and so far, havent had much success. However, this summer, while we were at Pondicherry, I bought him a handmade paper scrap book, on the condition that he would document our travels at every stage by himself. It seems to have worked, and as I put up his work here, I am one proud mom today! Please do leave your comments and suggestions to encourage him!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Urban Leaves Summer Camp

With the vacations in full swing, getting Samhith to write anything is a difficult task. With the IPL underway, it is next to impossible! However, here is something which at least made him write something down – the Urban Leaves Summer Camp. You can read more about the camp on my blog, and see the complete photo album here. Meanwhile, take a look at Samhith’s work…

The very first day, he found a dead butterfly. This seems to have been the highlight of the camp for him., because he couldn’t stop talking about it and showing to everyone!

He collected such a huge number of leaves and flowers, but these were all he stuck on his book…. He was supposed to sit down and name them, but got distracted and never got around to doing that!

A few lines about what he did….

And some pictures of what they made….
A self watering can…

And a method of drip-irrigation!

He made a new friend – who lives in same area, and was born on the same day as him – they were born just an hour apart! And together, they made the most of their last day at the camp – collecting dry leaves for mulching …..

Listening to Julius telling them stories and teaching them new songs….

The highlight of this day was the snake skin… a long one lying by a tree….

We finished the camp with a pot luck breakfast…. And made promises to join them as soon as we get back from our trip! Samhith now has a reason to get up early every Sunday!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back after a long break - Writing of Soft Toys

Here is something from Samhith's pen after a long long time...... This was triggered by my wish to donate his soft toys, considering that he doesnt play with them anymore, and his insistence that he NEEDS them!

To prove that he still can play with them, he not only arranged them near his bed, he also made up a story about them! He didnt really want to write it down, though,but did when I promised him that I would post it before I posted my own posts on Hampi, and that he could keep his soft toys... for now!

So, here is his work.... first the pic, so you get an idea about what he writes about.......

These are actually two pics he took... I merged them to give you a better look.... 

and heres another pic taken by him...

Finally, here is the story.....

For those of you who are having trouble following that handwriting which becomes a scrawl towards the end, here is the story..... typed by me...

Its Christmas and here's a family waiting for Santa Claus

Here Grandfather bear is relaxing on a cushion, here's Winnie the pooh nicely having a nap on his father's lap. Here his two sons Michel and John playing together happily and waiting for Santa Claus and make a long looooooong wish, Krishna was waiting to play a prank on Santa! Policeman Dev has got a case! The case is to find Santa Claus! Squirrel Oliver is jumping on Krishna, Dalmatian Johnsons is having a nap, Tiger, Tiger's jumping has stopped and he has stuck himself so that he doesnt bump into Santa! Tweety and her father have slept. Just then they woke up! and then Santa Claus came!
Well, so thats it.... What do you think?