Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creativity with stirrers and straws!

Its been a long while since I have posted anything here and the main reason is that we have been too busy with school, as well as gymnastics and athletics, not to mention skating as well as badminton!!! With so many activities, as well as a 4 day camp to look forward to, Samhith has not been much in the mood for anything else.

Yesterday, however, as I met a blogger friend for coffee, he busied himself with straws and stirrers, and I left him alone to do as he pleased, happy that he left me alone to talk!! He later said he wanted to make a man, but didn't know how to make his arms. That was how things stood when we reached home, and I thought he had forgotten all about it. And then, suddenly, after dinner, he comes up to me and shows me the stick-man he has made - having figured out all by himself how to make the arms for the figure!!

It might be a simple thing to make, but do I need to mention how proud I am that he thought of it himself and  actually made it the way he wanted, without any help at all!!!