Friday, March 19, 2010

Computer skills to the test

One of the subjects Samhith learns in school is ICT - Information and Communication technology! Sounds grand, doesn't it??? In simple language, all that amounts to, is computers.... as of now, basic stuff like what exactly is a computer? what are the different parts? how do you turn it on and off??? All these are stuff Samhith already knows, and so do almost all his friends.....

This term, the new thing of interest was that they were taught to use Paint, something Samhith showed least interest in. For the whole term, when I asked him to draw something on the comp, he responded with vague scribbles and scrawls, and I, as usual, gave up, deciding that the chap was not interested, and would learn when he wanted to... after all, it is just one of his subjects, and one that doesn't even have a proper exam - they just have an oral one.....

Anyway, exams approached, and he was just hanging about, after convincing me that he knew all that had been taught. The day before the ICT Orals, he decided to try out Paint by himself, after a long, long time..... And the results really surprised me, so here they are, for you all to see...... and he had even learnt how to save the file!!!

This one is a bus, as he so obviously states on the drawing itself. And the next one is a stone!

As to the oral exam, apparently he answered all the questions except one. And which was the one which stumped him??? He didn't know what was the 'cursor'!!! An anti-climax, wouldn't you say?????/


  1. hahahaha,
    that is what is called innocense! love u even more my baby

  2. LOl!!!he has quite some aces up his sleeve Anu, Im so glad u started a blog for him, its lovely to read abt all he is upto..
    Just wanted to say that this was a very breezy write up.. loved it :)