Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scrapbook for School

Its been a while since I have posted anything here, and that was mostly because I was waiting for Samhith to sit down and write something by himself. That doesnt look like its happening very soon, so I finally decided to post something myself.... 

This was a  scrapbook we made for school - one of the rare occasions when they asked us to do something at home! Samhith was all excited about it, since it happens to be one of his favourite topics, but we didn't have too much time since he was going off for his camp and then we were going out of town. We had just a couple of days in hand, and so we sat down and decided what we were going to do. Samhith of course, was very clear about the buildings he definitely wanted to write about, and also the fact that he wanted to write as little as possible. 

He also wanted me to take colour printouts of the buildings he wanted, which I flatly refused, telling him that he had to settle for the buildings he could find in the magazines, just like we used to. So the first thing we did was unearth all the travel magazines we had been storing, and cut out all the pics we liked. Next came the crucial point - How to write and What to write? Samhith wanted the individual titles to stand out, and since his handwriting isn't too good, he wanted me to write. Once more, I reminded him that this was HIS work, and his alone, and I was not doing anything except guide him. We had meanwhile decided on a collage for the cover page, and so I suggested that we could use words cut out from the magazines to make up the titles. So once again, we headed for the magazines, this time in search of words and letters. The words we didn't find, he eventually typed out, used some interesting fonts and printed the list out. To give him credit, he cut most of the pics himself, and also stuck them on the paper - hmm yes, the paper - we went from store to store looking for just the right kind of paper before we settled on these handmade ones. 

To cut a long story short, the scrapbook was completed in record time! Here is what it looked like......  Click on the image for a better view. 

If you are wondering why I have put it up so late, and why some letters are missing, it is because, as I mentioned before, we did it in a hurry, managed to find a shop open on a sunday who would spiral bind the book for us, and hurriedly sent it off to school. There was no time to scan or photograph the pages. It just came back this week, since the year is almost at an end, and I decided that it was still worth posting!

For all his excitement, he did realise that in his desire to write little, he wrote too too less... something his teachers and friends pointed out.... However, that does not seem to faze him, for as he says - "Why should I have to write everything? If someone wants to know more, they can search on Google. Besides, everyone already knows about these buildings!!!" As always, his questions leave me speechless!!

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  1. Samhith, what a lovely scrap book dear. You handwriting looks very matured. I appreciate your efforts in collecting those pictures for your scrap book. And, I am so glad that you are sharing your scrap book with us, reason being it gives us ideas too. We are planning to make scrap book and I am sure your work is going to help us in designing our scrap book. Thanks for sharing.