Friday, April 23, 2010

Binsar Photographs

Its been a while since I have posted anything here, waiting for Samhith to do some writing by himself. Since that doesn't seem to be happening, here is my contribution to his work......

These are all photographs taken by Samhith at Binsar, in our resort. There is now a perpetual tussle for the camera, and it is becoming quite obvious that I need to upgrade soon and hand over this one to junior! I did try giving him my old Kodak, but it doesn't seem to hold any interest for him, since he cant see the result of his click! What a far cry from the days when I was handed the camera... when I was almost out of school! Well, its inevitable, considering the changed times, and lets accept it, a digicam is much easier to use, and more fun, and best of all, you don't have to spend money and time to develop your negatives! So, we have now arrived at an arrangement where Samhith now shoots all the flowers and plants at the resorts, targets which will not move in time to spoil his shot! So here are his captures....

The first thing to fascinate him at the resort was the towel arrangement on the bed! It was fantastic! Here are two brilliant creations!

Now for the flowers - he has now learnt that Biology is the study of living things, and is thrilled that he could spell it without my help!

 A lone feather...he has been searching for feathers of different colours, but is yet to find them, so is a bit disappointed...

This was a huge ball...I have forgotten its name....a person gets into it, and is then rolled all over the resort! He was fascinated and wanted to try it out, but we convinced him to wait till he grew a little older....

And finally, here is his shot of his mom.... i.e. Me......

Please, please leave your comments and encourage him to write something on his own for the next post! 


  1. Hey Samhith and Anu,

    The pics are really great. I especially likes the flowers and the feather. I always wanted to buy a camera for Mishtee but never made up my mind. After seeing these pics. I am convinced that these little ones can do wonders. I would really love to see more pics with Samhith's comments.

    Allthe best,


  2. The photographs are awesome. Samhith - you are turning out to be one heck of a photographer. Great job buddy. Now I think you should start writing as well :) like your Mom.

  3. Great pics Samhith! And lovely flowers too. Looks like you loved your first trip to the Himalayan foothills!

  4. samhith, excellent job. you have an admirer in jamshedpur.
    -pallavi k

  5. A promising photographer!
    Anu, you'll have to invest in newer cameras soon. :)

  6. Good pics. Samhith. And the towel arrangements are simply awesome!

  7. excellent pictures samhith.
    maybe u should join some photography classes to brush up ur skills.

  8. The pics area unit really nice. I especially likes the flowers and also the feather. I always wished to shop for a camera for Mishear however ne'er created up my mind. when seeing these pics. i'm convinced that these little ones will do wonders. i'd really like to see more pics with Samhith's comments.

  9. The pictures area unit absolutely best. I in particular likes the vegetation and also the feather. I constantly wanted to shop for a digital camera for Mishear but ne'er created up my thoughts. whilst seeing these snap shots. i'm satisfied that those little ones will do wonders. i might actually want to see greater photographs with Samhith's